The Department of Veterinary Science, College of Agriculture Dharwad is located at the main gate entrance of the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad. It was one of the oldest departments to start along with the establishment of the College itself in 1947 the year of Independent India.

Before the formation of UAS Dharwad i.e. from 1947 to 1986, the department was headed by eminent personalities and teachers like Dr. Muragod (Founder HoD), Dr. S. K. Goni, Dr. Sreenivasan, Dr. Tandaveshvar , Dr. K. L. Shigganvi , Dr. S. V. Ayyangar, Dr. Atmaaram and Dr. K. R. Lakxmaiah. After formation of University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad – (from 1986) it was headed by Dr. K. R. Lakxmaiah, Dr. Anilkumar Mugali and Dr. C. M. Sajjanar. Presently the Department is headed by Dr. A. S. Patil.

It was established with an objective imparting scientific knowledge of improved animal husbandry practices to the agriculture students and  providing veterinary health care services to the livestock belonging to the university and also to the farming community of surrounding areas.

Now it is involved in teaching of Animal Sciences and Veterinary Science courses to B. Sc. (Hons) Agriculture, B. Sc. (Hons)  Agril. Marketing and B. Sc. ( Hons) Community Science students. The Veterinary Teaching Clinical Complex in the department imparts practical training to B. V. Sc. & A. H. Internship students of all five Veterinary Colleges of Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University Bidar and field Veterinarians. It also trains rural unemployed youths sponsored by Karnataka Milk Federation  in first aid and Artificial insemination in livestock.

PG Programmes in the Department


PG Students admitted in last five years

Sl. No.Course No.2018-192019-202020-212021-222022-23


Sl. No.NameDesignationSpecializationQualification
1Dr. A. S. PatilProfessor and HeadVeterinary Surgery and RadiologyPh. D. PGDAEM
2VacantAssistant Professor

Supporting Staff:

Sl NoNameDesignation
1Heera L. GouliField Assistant
2Smt. Smt. Lalitha S. SatturMessenger
3Shri. S. F. DodamaniKshemabhivrudhi – D Group employ
4Shri. Tammanna HunashimaradKshemabhivrudhi – D Group employ

B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.) courses

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1ASC 301Livestock and Poultry Health Care1(0+1)
2DASC 101Hainugarike2(1+1)
3DASC 201Kuri, Aadu Mattu Koli Saakaanike2(1+1)

Experiential Learning Modules offered (jointly with Dept. Of Animal Science, ACD)

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1.AEL 406Experiential Learning On ILF (Livestock Production And Management)0+10
2.AEL 413Experiential Learning On ILF (Poultry Production Technology)0+10

On going Externally funded adhoc Projects:

Sl NoName of Adhoc ProjectPI/ Co-PI/ AssociateDurationFunding agencyProject OutlayObjectives of ProjectExpected Outcome
1Upgradation of small ruminant farm infrastructure at UAS Dharwad and to evaluate the growth and breeding performance of Kenguri sheep breed in intensive vs semi- intensive management conditionsCo-PI2020 to 2024RKVY74.00to evaluate the growth and breeding performance of Kenguri sheep breed in intensive vs semi- intensive management conditions

Major Projects completed:

Sl NoName of Adhoc ProjectPI/Co-PI/AssociateDurationFunding agencyProject Outlay
1Studies on use of hoof block application to treat sole injuries in dairy cattle and buffaloes.PI- Dr A S Patil2016-17SRP- UASD0.50
2Ultrasonographic Studies On Acute Abdominal Disease In Bovines  PI- Dr A S Patil2016-17SRP- UASD0.50
3Strengthening of the livestock health care services at veterinary hospital, acd, uas dharwad through creation of ultrasonographic imaging facilities (SRP)PI- Dr A S Patil2016-17SRP- UASD23.50
4Comparative Studies On Efficacy Of Different Treatment Protocols Against Nasal Scistosomiasis In Bullocks.PI- Dr A S Patil2016-17UASD PROJECTSNIL
5Comparative Studies On Techniques Of Repair of Supra Condylar Fracture Of Femur In DogsPI- Dr A S Patil2016-17SRP – UASD PROJECTS2.50
6Comparative Studies On techniques of repair of contracted tendon repair in cow calvesPI- Dr A S Patil2018-19UASD projectsNIL
7Studies on Trans articular wiring using fishnet nylon and modified Steinmann Pin for hip dislocation In Dogs.PI- Dr A S Patil2018-19UASD projectsNIL
8Comparative Studies On Use Of Poly Propylene Vs Netlon Mesh For Ventral Hernia Repair In CattlePI- Dr A S Patil2019-20SRP – UASD PROJECTS2.50
9Comparative Evaluation Of Surgical Techniques For Management Of Aural Haematoma’s In Canines.Dr A S Patil2020-21  UASD projectsNIL
11Clinico, hemato – biochemical and urinary evaluation of renal insufficiency. In canines (UASD)Dr A S PatilUASD projects2021-22NIL

Technologies Developed:

Sl. No.TechnologyName of the ScientistYEAR
1Hoof block for Sole / Hoof injuries in cattleDR A S PATIL2016-17
2Line of Treatment of  Nasal Scistosomiasis:DR A S PATIL2016-17
3Use Of Stainless Steel LCP T- Plates and PMMA Plates For Supracondylar Femur Fracture Repair In DogsDR A S PATIL2017-18
4 Technique For Treatment Of Knuckling Of Fetlock Due To Contracted Flexor Tendons In Neonatal CalvesDR A S PATIL2018-19
5Trans – Articular Wiring Using Fishing Line Nylon and modified  Steinman pin For Hip Dislocation In Dogs:DR A S PATIL2018-19
6Use Of Poly Propylene and Netlon Mesh For Ventral Hernia Repair In CattleDR A S PATIL2019-20
7Stainless steel staples for surgical Management Of Aural Haematoma’s In Canines.DR A S PATIL2020-21

c) Extension Activities –   Abstract Of  Number Of Animal patients Treated At The  Veterinary Teaching Clinical Complex :Year – 2016 to 2023

  NoYEAROut patientsTotalArtificial InseminationSurgeries ConductedPost mortem examInpatientsTreatment on Visits
Fresh casesRepeat cases
Sl. No.Type of Illnesses treated
1.Diseases affecting all livestock, poultry, pets (dogs and cats);Diseases affecting all organ systems Specific diseases caused by bacteria, virus, fungi, Parasitic and protozoan etc.; Nutritional deficiency diseases and  metabolic diseases; Poisonings and  Accidents Surgical cases – soft tissue surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, large ruminants, small ruminants, pets and wild speciesGynaecological diseases Wild animals, birds and reptiles

Facilities/ Field Laboratory/Fertility Laboratory

Sl. No.FacilitiesYear
1.BuildingOffice + Diagnostic Imaging LabsOut Patient Department + Class Room with A-V Aids+ Operation Theatre Inpatient Sheds -2
2Medical equipmentsBinocular microscopesFerroscopyX – ray unitUltrasonography
3Clinical facilitiesOut patient ward; Inpatient Wards;Operation theatre; Laboratory; Blood and fecal examinationRadiography; Ultrasonography
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