Field Facilities

Instructional Farms

SNDepartmentArea in HectareDescription
1.Agricultural Entomology1.76Conduct of PG, staff, adhoc projects, research work and sponsored trials
0.50Mulberry Garden
2.Agricultural Meteorology1.614 acres research land including a Meteorological Observatory.
3.Agronomy12.8Instructional farm area is utilized for B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture and B.Sc. (Hons.) Agricultural Marketing students practical crop production – I kharif crops [AGR 202 (0+1)] and practical crop production II Rabi crops [AGR 204 (0+1)] for raising field crops, operations covering from field preparation till crop harvesting and preparation of balance sheet on cost of cultivation net returns / students will be worked out.
3.2Fields to carry out the field experiments by the students under Experimental Techniques in Agricultural Research course [AGR 301 (0+1)]
  1.0Integrated Farming System block
4.Animal Science7.00 Two tail to tail Housing cattle, poultry, sheep and goats. The farms are used for under-graduate teaching, Experiential Learning Programme and Research and extension activities of animal science,  Fodder crop Museum
6.Crop Physiology0.50PG Experiments, Staff Research Project, Testing Chemicals Demonstrations, Adhoc Projects and  general crops
7.Genetics & Plant  Breeding2.50The farm area is utilized for B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture students for practicals on Genetics, Fundamentals of Plant Breeding, Crop Breeding – both for Kharif and Rabi crops. Part of the area is also utilized for PG research like crossing blocks and wide species nursery, etc. 2 acre area is planted with important economic, medicinal and botanical tree species which is called as a botanical garden.  This garden is used during practical classes to show the flowers and floral biology and botanical aspects of different species.  The rain out shelter, glass house and cage is utilized for demonstrating root and shoot architecture, emasculation and crossing techniques in different crops and species.
8.Horticulture10.00Including varieties of Spices and plantation crops, Medicinal and aromatic plants, Fruit crops, Vegetables, Flower crops, Ornamental garden, Hi-Tech Horticulture unit. These units are used for instruction about the crops, demonstration and practicals
9.Plant Pathology1.50The field is  used for the conduct of field trials and research projects of post-graduate students and faculty.

Entomology Instructional Farm
Mulberry Instructional Garden
High density mixed orchard (mango+sapota+ guava)
High density planting of guava


SNBreedNo. of AnimalsInfrastructural facilities available
 Dairy farm- Deoni, HF crossbred, Jersey Crossbred, Tharparkar190 animalsAnimal sheds, open housing system; tail to tail housing system; face to face housing systems; calf shed; silo pits; azolla pits; Biogas unit; Milking machine; milk packing unit; Trevis; Vermicompost unit; Automatic
 Poultry farm-1500 birdsGiriraja, Swarnadahara, vanashree, Sahyadri, DP cross, Kadaknath, Local/Jawari; Raja-2Deep litter system; cage housing system for layers; Brooder house
 Sheep & Goat Farm- 150 animalsUAS Breed; Kenguri, Osmanabadi x Jamunapari CrossSemi-intensive housing and Intensive housing system;

Dairy farm outlook with conventional and modern facilities
Tail-to-tail housing for cows
Tail-to-tail housing for different breeds of Buffaloes
While Leghorn Birds in three tier system for egg production
Fodder Crop Museum at the Department of Animal Sciences

Veterinary Clinic

Sl. No.Type of Illnesses treated
1.Diseases affecting all livestock, poultry, pets (dogs and cats);Diseases affecting all organ systems Specific diseases caused by bacteria, virus, fungi, Parasitic and protozoan etc.; Nutritional deficiency diseases and  metabolic diseases; Poisonings and  Accidents Surgical cases – soft tissue surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, large ruminants, small ruminants, pets and wild speciesGynaecological diseases Wild animals, birds and reptiles


  NoYEAROut patientsTotalArtificial InseminationSurgeries ConductedPost mortem examInpatientsTreatment on Visits
Fresh casesRepeat cases
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