Department of Agronomy

          The Department of Agronomy at the College of Agriculture, Dharwad is one of the oldest major departments to start along with the establishment of the College itself in 1947 the year of Independent India. The department was headed by eminent personalities and teachers like Dr. H.R. Arakeri who later became the Chairman, ASRB New Delhi; Dr. S.V. Patil, Dr. K. Krishnamurthy and Dr. M.N. Sheelavantar who occupied the position of Vice Chancellors of UAS, Bangalore. Dr. D.P. Biradar from the department also occupied the position of Vice Chancellor, UAS Dharwad.

Two unique courses are offered in the Department to impart training to the students in Practical Crop Production where each student is allotted with 500 sq m for two seasons with prime objective of “Earn while Learn”. In the second course on “Experimental Techniques in Agricultural Research” wherein the students conduct micro plot experiments to acquaint with research techniques like layout, recording observations and preparation of research report which develops the confidence among the students to conduct the field experiments at PG level and field assignments in future at different organizations.

PG Programmes in the Department

1M.Sc. Agriculture in AgronomySince 1956
2Ph.D. AgronomySince 1965

PG Students admitted in last five years

Sl. No.Course No.2018-192019-202020-212021-222022-23
1M.Sc. (Agri.)2024231717


Sl NoNameDesignationSpecialization
1Dr. S. S. HallikeriProfessor and HeadCommercial Crops
2Dr. S. S. AngadiProfessorIrrigation water management
3Dr. V. S. KubsadProfessorOilseed, Cereal and Fodder Agronomy
4Dr. Rajkumara, S.ProfessorWeed management and Cropping systems
5Dr. P.S. PattarProfessorAgrometerology and Dry Land Agriculture
6Dr. R. H. PatilAssistant ProfessorCrop modelling and Agrometerology

Supporting Staff:

Sl NoNameDesignation
1Krishnaraj HutagiField Assistant
2Davalsab ValikarLab Assistant
3Irayya MalagimaniMessenger (Kshemabhivruddi)
4Uttam MaliField Assistant
5Devendra GudadurMessenger
6Parvati KelageriFarm Labour
7Chandru BhushannavarFarm Labour
8Manjunath NiranjanAnimal attendar
9Subani NadafMessenger
10Shankaravva KurubettFarm Labour (Kshemabhivruddi)
11Arjun HoleppanavarFarm Labour (Kshemabhivruddi)

B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.) courses

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1AGR 101Fundamentals of Agronomy3+1
2AGR 201Crop production technology I – Kharif crops2+1
3AGR 202Practical crop production – Kharif crops0+1
4AGR 203Crop production technology II – Rabi crops1+1
5AGR 204Practical crop production – Rabi crops0+1
6AGR 205Geoinformatics and Nanotechnology for Precision Farming1+1
7AGR 301Experimental techniques in agricultural research0+1
8AGR 302Principles of Organic Farming0+1
9AGR 303Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management1+1
10AGR 304Farming Systems and Sustainable Agriculture1+0
11AGR 311Weed Management – Elective1+1

B.Sc. Agriculture Business Management (Hons.) courses

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1AGR 103Introduction to Agronomy and Crop Production Technology2+1
2AGR 202Practical Crop Production – I (Kharif crops)0+1
3AGR 305Sustainable Farming Systems and Precision Agriculture1+1

B.Sc. Community Science (Hons.) courses

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1AGR 104Introduction to Agronomy1+1
2AGR 202Practical Crop Production – I (Kharif crops)0+1

B.Tech. Food Technology (Hons.) courses

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1AGR 104Introduction to Agronomy1+1

Experiential Learning Modules offered

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1AEL 410Agriculture Residue Management0+3
2AEL 414Natural Resource Management0+4

M.Sc. Agriculture in Agronomy courses

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1Agron 501*Modern concepts in Crop Production3+0
2Agron 502 *Principles and Practices of Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management2+1
3Agron 503 *Principles and Practices of Weed Management2+1
4Agron 504*Principles and Practices of Water Management2+1
5Agron 505Conservation Agriculture1+1
6Agron 506Agronomy of Major Cereals and Pulses2+1
7Agron 507Agronomy of Oilseed Fiber and sugar crops2+1
8Agron 508Agronomy of Medicinal, Aromatic & Underutilized Crops2+1
9Agron 509Agronomy of fodder and forage crops2+1
10Agron 510Agrostology and Agroforestry2+1
11Agron 511Cropping systems and Sustainable Agriculture2+0
12Agron 512Dry land Farming and Watershed Management2+1
13Agron 513Principles and Practices of organic farming2+1
14Agron 514Research techniques in Agronomy1+1

Ph.D. Agronomy courses

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1Agron 601 *Current trends in Agronomy3+0
2Agron 602Recent trends in crop growth and productivity2+1
3Agron 603Irrigation management2+1
4Agron 604Recent trends in weed management2+0
5Agron 606Soil conservation and watershed management2+1
6Agron 607Stress crop Production2+1
7Agron 608*Research and Publication Ethics2+0

On going Externally funded adhoc Projects:

Sl NoName of Adhoc ProjectPI/Co-PI/AssociateDurationFunding agencyProject OutlayObjectives of ProjectExpected Outcome
1DST-FISTDr S S AngadiFive YearsDST48.5 lakhsStrengthening of the Department with advanced laboratory equipments, library and computer facilitiesQuality staff and PG research with high impact publications and better teaching

Major Projects completed(Last five years):

Sl NoName of Adhoc ProjectPI/Co-PI/AssociateDurationFunding agencyProject OutlayObjectives of ProjectMajor Outcome
1RKVY Project on Enhancing Water ProductivityDr Rajkumara, S.10 yearsGoK146 lakhsDemonstration of Water management practices in different crops for Command areas of North Karnataka in participatory modeIncrease in the yield of crops, saving of irrigation water was observed by the farmers

Technologies Developed:(Last Five Years)

Sl. No.TechnologyName of the Scientist
1Organic cotton productionDr. S. S. Hallikeri
2Organic maize productionDr. S. S. Hallikeri
3Oxyflurofen and metribuzin recommendation in maize crop.Dr. S. S. Hallikeri
4Effect of fortification of iron and zinc with organics in rabi sorghumDr. V. S. Kubsad
5Effect of fortification of iron and zinc with organics in kharif sorghumDr. V. S. Kubsad
6Effect of different plant geometries on growth and yield of sesamumDr. V. S. Kubsad
7Weed management in soybean through pre-emergence herbicide- Diclosulam 84 WDGDr. J. A. Hosmath
8Enhancing water stress tolerance in soybean through foliar application of KNO3 1%.Dr. J. A. Hosmath


Sl. No.NameInstituteAwardYear
1G R KorwarICARNehru Award1993
2V S KorikantimathICARNehru Award1996
3Basavaraj PatilIPNIIPNI Scholar2015
4V V AngadiISABest PhD Thesis1998
5H B BabaladISABest PhD Thesis1999
6U K ShanwadISABest PhD Thesis2006
7G S YadahalliISABest PhD Thesis2008
8C P ChandrashekarISABest PhD Thesis2009
9H M HalliISABest PhD Thesis2017
10S S NooliISABest PhD Thesis2019
11S N O SadashivanagoudaISABest PhD Thesis2020
12Dr V. S. KubsadUAS DharwadIncentive Award2021
13Dr V. S. KubsadISORFellow2017
14Dr J. A.HosmathISORFellow2019
15Dr Rajkumara S.ISORFellow2019
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