History and Genesis

1Name of the CollegeCollege of Agriculture, Dharwad
2Name of the Head of the InstitutionDr. H. B.Babalad
3DesignationDean (Agri.)
4AddressCollege of Agriculture, Krishinagar, University of Agricultural Sciences,
Dharwad-580 005(Karnataka)
5Telephone & Fax(0836) 2792180
7Date of establishment / initiationCollege was established on 22.05.1947 and became the constituent college of University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad on 01.10.1986

Historical background and growth of the College:

College of Agriculture Dharwad is located at the head-quarters of the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad.  The campus is located five km away from the city on Pune-Bengaluru National Highway (NH-4).  The college is one of the premier institutes in the state for imparting education and conduct of research and extension activities in agriculture and allied fields. The college has been involved in human resource development in the field of agricultural sciences.

            The College of Agriculture, Dharwad was established on 22nd May, 1947 by Sri. Mallanagoudaru Patil, the then Minister for Agriculture of the erstwhile Bombay province with a foresight and vision to serve the needs of farming community of the then Bombay – Karnataka region.  Initially, the college was run in a small building at the Hebballi Farm, well known for cotton research in India.  The college was initially affiliated to Bombay University, Mumbai and later on, the affiliation was shifted to Karnataka University, Dharwad during the year 1950.  The first batch students from this college graduated during the year 1950.  The college started offering PG programmes in 1950. His Highness, the Maharaja of the then Mysore, Sri Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar formally inaugurated the present Main Building of the college on 9th September, 1951. The following personalities have served their services as Heads/ Director of Instruction (Agri.)/ Dean (Agri.) of the College of Agriculture, Dharwad since its inception from 1947 to till date:

Heads/ Director of Instruction (Agri.)/ Dean (Agri.) of the College of Agriculture, Dharwad from 1947:

Sl. No.NameFromTo
01.Dr. N.M. DesaiJan. 1947Aug. 1949
02.Dr. V.C. Pavate (Acting)Sep. 1949Jan. 1951
03.Dr. MA.S. Iyengar (Acting)Jan. 1951Aug. 1951
04.Dr. K.D. Gumaste (Acting)Aug. 1951Aug. 1952
05.Dr. MA.S. Iyengar (Acting)Sep. 1952Mar. 1953
06.Dr. S.W. MensinkaiMar. 1953Aug. 1964
07.Dr. R.S. Deshpande (Acting)Sept. 1964Sep. 1965
08.Dr. S.W. MensinkaiOct. 196531.01.1973
09.Dr. S.V. Patil (Acting)01.02.197307.04.1978
10.Dr. R.B. Patil08.04.197825.09.1982
11.Dr. R.K. Hegde (Acting)25.09.198203.07.1987
12.Dr. R. Parameshwarappa04.07.198703.07.1990
13.Dr. A.S. Prabhakar (Acting)11.07.199008.08.1993
14.Dr. S.A. Patil09.08.199323.05.1999
15.Dr. C.J. Itnal (Acting)24.05.199931.05.2001
16.Dr. K.H. Anahosur (Acting)01.06.200128.02.2002
17.Dr. J.H. Kulkarni (Acting)01.03.200212.10.2006
18.Dr. H.S. Vijayakumar (Acting)13.10.200624.09.2008
19.Dr. M.B. Chetti24.09.200813.02.2013
20.Dr. G.S. Dasog (Acting)14.02.201331.12.2014
21.Dr. A.R. Alagawadi (Acting)31.12.201430.04.2015
22.Dr. B.S. Janagoudar (Acting)30.04.201520.08.2015
23.Dr. R.S. Giraddi20.08.201520.08.2018
24.Dr. S.T. Kajjidoni (Acting)20.08.201830.04.2019
25.Dr. B.D. Biradar (Acting)30.04.201931.10.2022
26.Dr. N.S. Hebsur (Acting)31.10.202230.11.2022
27.Dr. H.B. Babalad01.12.2022Till date

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