Department of Agribusiness Management

Former Heads of the Department of Agribusiness Management

Dr. K. C. Hiremath
Prof. S. C. Hiremath
Dr. H. G. Shankarmurthy
Dr. H. S. Vijayakumar
Dr. Basavaraj Banakar
Dr. N. N. Karnool
Dr. S.B. Mahajanashetti
Dr. J. S. Sonnad
Dr. R. A. Yeledhalli (Present)

Name & Designation of faculty memberArea of Specialization
1Dr. R. A. Yeledhalli M.Sc (Ag. Econ), Ph.D Professor& Head    Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior,  Market Research, Agribusiness Management  9480555310 ,
2Dr. B. K. Naik M.Sc (Ag. Econ), Ph.D Professor  Econometrics, Business Research,  Market Research, Agribusiness Management, Production Economics, Knowledge Management, Production and Operations Management  9448745747,
3Dr. J. S. Sonnad M.Sc (Ag. Econ), Ph.D Professor    Human Resource Management, Co-operative Management &  International Trade 9901169323 ,
4Dr. C. Murthy M.Sc (Ag. Maco.), Ph.D (ABM) Professor  Agriculture Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Market Research, Grading Technology, Principles of Management, Co-operative legislation and policy 9964776764 ,
5Dr. A. D. Naik M.Sc (Ag. Econ), Ph.D Professor  Agriculture Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Market Research, Rural Marketing 9480073313 ,
6Dr. G. M. Hiremath M.Sc (Ag. Econ), Ph.D Associate Professor  Agriculture Economics, Agribusiness Economics, Agriculture Marketing, Production Economics and Agricultural Finance 9481124125 ,
7Dr. D. H. Mitrannavar M.Sc (AgMaco), Ph.D (ABM), Asst. Professor (Selection Scale)  Agricultural Marketing, Cooperation and Banking  9449294950,
8Dr. Somanagouda I. Patil MBA (ABM), Ph. D. (ABM) Assistant Professor (Contractual)Agricultural Finance, Agricultural Marketing, Business Research Methods and Rural Marketing  9844790953,
9Dr. B. S. Kulkarni M.Sc (Ag. Econ), Ph.D Research AssociateProduction and Resource Economics, Agricultural Finance and Farm Management  7019297261,

Milestones of the Department

  1. First institute to start undergraduate programme in Agricultural Marketing and Co-operation in the country.
  2. First institute to start Ph. D. in Agribusiness Management in the country.
  3. K. H. Patil Professor Chair of Agricultural Marketing instituted at the Department by Karnataka State Agricultural Marketing Board
  4. Canara Bank-KVG Bank Professor Chair of Agricultural Finance instituted at the Department
  5. A project on estimation of cost of cultivation of major crops of North Karnataka funded by Karnataka Agricultural Price Commission, Bengaluru is in operation in the Department and providing on regular basis valuable input to the commission for recommending support prices for farm commodities.
  6. The new degree programme in Agri-business Management [B.Sc. (Hons.) Agri-business Management] was introduced from the academic year 2019-20 by replacing the erstwhile degree programme, B.Sc. ( Hons.) Agricultural Marketing and Co-operation.
  7. Faculty members of the department were nominated as Vice chancellor (I/c), Registrar, Director of Education, Director of Extension, Administrative Officer, Dean (Agri.), NSS programme officers, Controller of Examinations, Head (Agri-business and Export Knowledge Centre), Head (Project Planning and Monitoring Cell), Hostel wardens, Nodal Officers for ICAR and various projects, store purchase officer, etc.

 History of B.Sc. (AgMaco) Under Graduate Programme

Over years, it has been realised that the main problem confronting agricultural sector is not about increasing production, but about evolving efficient systems of marketing for the sale of the farm produce in such a way that the producers get remunerative prices.  This requires preparing skilled manpower to address various types of problems associated with traditional marketing system and deploying them in right places for finding practical solutions.  In fact, the National Commission on Agriculture stated way back in 1976 that there was a need for starting specialized degree programmes in farm universities to create experts capable of dealing with diverse problems plaguing agricultural marketing system of the country.  It was in this context that late Shri. K.H. Patil, the then Minister of Cooperation, Government of Karnataka and late Dr. H. R. Arakeri, the then Vice-Chancellor of UAS, Bangalore and member of National Commission on Agriculture (1976) sought to create human resources capable of effectively dealing with the issues relating to agricultural marketing, cooperation, agricultural finance, grading, trade, banking, etc. 

As a step towards this, a four year degree programme, B.Sc. (Agricultural Marketing and Cooperation), the first of its kind in the country, was started during the academic year 1976-77 by the erstwhile University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore (UAS, Bangalore) at two campuses, namely, Dharwad and BangaloreFor smooth running of this undergraduate degree programme, a separate Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperation was established both at Dharwad and Bangalore campuses of UAS, Bangalore.  With the creation of UAS, Dharwad from out of UAS, Bangalore in 1986, both universities continued the Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperation offering B.Sc. (Agricultural Marketing and Cooperation) degree programme.  The University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad renamed the Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperation as the Department of Agribusiness Management subsequently in recognition of Department’s involvement in offering Post-Graduate and Ph.D. programmes in Agribusiness Management in addition to the Under Graduate programme. Recently, in line with the recommendations of V Deans Committee report with respect to the nomenclatures of different undergraduate degree programmes of farm universities across the country, the nomenclature of B.Sc. (Agricultural Marketing and Cooperation) was also changed to B.Sc. (Hons.) in Agricultural Marketing and Cooperation. Off late from academic year 2019-20 onwards,  the B.Sc. (Hons.) in Agricultural Marketing and Cooperation degree programme was discontinued and a new degree programme, [B.Sc. (Hons.) Agri-business Management] was introduced.

Student Intake

B.Sc. (Ag.Maco) / B.Sc. (Hons.) Agribusiness Management: The student intake which was at a dismal figure of 10-30 for B.Sc. (Ag.Maco) degree programme when it was introduced, was significantly enhanced to nearly about 100 students per year, owing to the awareness about the scope of the degree programme among the aspiring candidates. Presently, the intake for the programme has been fixed by the University at 80 students.  The number of students, who were graduated in the programme over years has been depicted below:

Number of students admitted to  B.Sc./ B.Sc.(Hons.) (Agricultural Marketing & Cooperation) degree programme

Sl. No.YearsNo. of students

Employment Avenues of B.Sc. (AgMaco)/ ABM  graduates

Since the start of the degree programme in 1976-77, around 1400 students have graduated in B.Sc. (AgMaco) / ABM programmeThere are wide employment opportunities for the graduates of this programme as marketing /sales officers in agribusiness sector on preferential basis.  Further, the commercial banks and regional rural banks have been employing these graduates as field officers.  The Government of Karnataka, through the amendment of Cadre and Recruitment (C & R) Rules, has made provision for the employment of these graduates in the Department of Agricultural Marketing, Department of Cooperation, and Karnataka State Food and Civil Supplies Corporation.  Many graduates, after acquiring higher qualification, have been serving as faculty in universities and national level institutes both in India and abroad. In addition, some graduates have been serving in administrative services after successfully getting through the competitive examinations like IAS and KAS.  Several graduates have also successfully embarked upon self-employment. 

Stakeholders’ Demand for B.Sc. (AgMaco) / ABM  graduates

The B.Sc. (AgMaco) / ABM  graduates have been preferred for employment by a wide range of companies in Corporate Sector (seeds, fertilizer, pesticide, farm machinery and agro service companies), Banks (public sector commercial banks, private sector commercial banks, cooperative banks and rural regional banks),  Government Departments (Department of Agricultural Marketing, Department of Cooperation, Commodity Exchanges, State Agricultural Marketing Boards, Food and Civil Supplies Corporation, Central and State Warehousing Corporation, NABARD, Reserve Bank of India, NGOs etc.) and Universities (Both within and outside the country) due to the knowledge and practical skills possessed by them through lectures, practical exposure including visits, rural institutional work experience and hands-on-training during their four year study programme.

Employment Status of B.Sc. (Agricultural Marketing & Cooperation) Graduates

S.No.ParticularsNo. of students
1Total Graduates1400
2Self Employed Graduates308
  3  Status of Outside Employment 
i.Banks (Commercial and Regional Rural Banks)350
ii.Department of Agricultural Marketing55
iii.Faculty in Educational Institutions78
iv.Department of Cooperation20
v.Administrative Service08
vi.Foreign Assignments10
vii.Other Government Departments ( Karnataka State Agricultural Marketing Board (KSAMB), Commercial Tax Department, Excise Department etc)126
viiiCooperative Institutions: Karnataka Cooperative Milk Federation (KMF), Karnataka Oilseeds Cooperative Growers Federation (KOF)47
4 Private Sector (Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides Companies)398

Infrastructure in the Department of Agribusiness Management

The Department of Agribusiness Management, College of Agriculture, UAS, Dharwad has excellent infrastructure comprising well equipped class rooms, seminar hall-cum-discussion rooms, computer lab and spacious faculty rooms.

  1. Class Rooms:

There are four class rooms, which are well equipped with audio-visual aids and comfortable seating arrangements in order to enable the students to have a good concentration and learning experience. Informative charts are displayed in post graduate class room, which cover a wide range of issues relating to agribusiness.

 Seminar Hall

 A fully equipped and spacious seminar hall-cum-discussion room is available to students for the presentation of their seminars and colloquia as well as group discussions in order to help them to develop presentation and oratory skills. In the seminar hall, informative charts covering several agribusiness issues are displayed in addition to the portraits of famous persons in the field of management.

  1. Computer Lab

The Department is also equipped with well furnished computer lab with 40 computers and 24 hours internet facility for the students.

  1. Reading Room

 The Department has a reading room where the students have access to old theses, dissertations, seminar scripts, news papers, books and an Information Kiosk.

Other Activities of the Department

  1. Teaching

Post Graduate programmes offered by the department

The Department started a Master’s Degree Programme MBA (Agribusiness) in 1996-97 and the Doctoral Programme, Ph.D. (Agribusiness Management) in the year 1999-2000.  In MBA (Agribusiness) programme, students are taught various courses in Principles of Management, Human Resource Management, Production Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Entrepreneurship development etc. in core areas.  The post graduate students, in addition to their course work and research, undergo a 21 days internship programme in leading agri-business organizations. The students also present two seminars at the Masters’ level.   In general, the intake for the Masters programme has been around 10 students excluding the students admitted under ICAR quota.  The details of the students graduated in MBA (Agribusiness) programme are provided below :

Number of students completed MBA (Agribusiness)

 Sl. No.YearNo. of students
Note: First ten years the degree awarded was M.Sc. (AgMaco)/ MABM.  Later, the nomenclature was changed to MBA (Agribusiness)


Two Professor Chairs are instituted in the Department. The following is the brief outline of the Chairs.

1. K.H. Patil Professor Chair of Agricultural Marketing Instituted by the Karnataka State Agricultural Marketing Board (KSAMB)

Dr. K.H. Patil Professor Chair of Agricultural Marketing was instituted in the Department of Agribusiness Management with a corpus fund of  Rs. 40 lakhs contributed by Karnataka State Agricultural Marketing Board, Bangalore.  Dr. R. A. Yeledhalli, Professor of Agribusiness Management has been holding the Chair.  Several research and extension programmes relating to Agricultural Marketing are being taken up under the Chair to address the problems faced by the farmers in agricultural input and output marketing. 

2. Canara Bank-KVG Bank Professor Chair of Agricultural Finance instituted by Canara Bank and Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank

The ‘Syndicate Bank–KVG Bank Professor Chair of Agricultural Finance’ was established at the Department of Agribusiness Management, College of Agriculture, Dharwad in the year 2011 with a contribution of Rs.50 lakh by Syndicate Bank and Rs.40 lakh by Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank (KVG Bank).  As per the decision of the Government of India, Syndicate Bank has been merged with Canara Bank.  Canara Bank assumed control over Syndicate Bank on 1st April 2020. Hence, the existing nomenclature of the Chair, i.e., Syndicate Bank-KVG Bank Professor Chair of Agricultural Finance changed as “Canara Bank-KVG Bank Professor Chair of Agricultural Finance” with effect from 9th September, 2022 as per the Amendment to Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Between Canara Bank, Hubballi; Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank, Dharwad and University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad. Presently, the Professor Chair is headed by Dr. A. D. Naik.

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