Department of Crop Physiology

The Department of Crop Physiology was established in 1978 with the foresight and keen interest by the then Vice-Chancellor Dr. H.R. Arakeri. Prior to this, the Crop Physiology was a part of Agronomy Department, considering the developments in science with a view to cater the needs of farming community, especially in the field of plant growth regulators, micronutrients, herbicides, drought, tissue culture and production physiology, it was thought to give due importance to Crop Physiology and the Department came to existence during August, 1978 and Dr. Y.C. Panchal headed the department from 3rd  September, 1979 to 30th  September, 1991. Further, Dr. M.B. Chetti took charge as Professor and Head of the department on 1st October, 1991 to 24th October, 2009. Consequently, Dr.S.M. Hiremath, Dr.R.V.Koti, Dr.D.I.Jirali, Dr.V.P.Chimmad and Dr. C.M Nawalghatti have served as Heads of the Department. Dr.M.B.Chetti, in his longest tenure of 17 years as head of the department, has been awarded as a best teacher and scientist.

The department offers courses for B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture, and B.Sc. (Hons) Ag. Maco. and B. Tech (Food Technology) degree programme also. The department has full-fledged Post Graduate Programmes leading to M.Sc. (Agri.) and Ph.D in Crop Physiology: The Ph.D programme was started during academic year 1986.The department has developed several technologies based on physiology for several crops and contributed towards increasing the productivity. Department has earned name across the country and has organized several national seminars and short summer courses and winter schools. The PG students have also been awarded with best poster presentations in PG conferences.

PG Programmes in the Department

1M.Sc. in Crop PhysiologyOffered since 1978
2Ph.D. in Crop PhysiologyOffered since 1986

PG Students admitted in last five years

Sl. No.Course No.2018-192019-202020-212021-222022-23
1M.Sc. (Agri.)0808070701


Sl NoNameDesignationSpecialization
1.Dr. C.M NawalagattiProfessor and HeadPost harvest physiology
2.Dr. M.B. DoddamaniProfessorPlant growth regulation
3.Dr.Nethra.PAssistant ProfessorStress Physiology and Molecular Biology

Supporting Staff:

Sl NoNameDesignation
1C.J. PatilLab Assistant
2.Vittal . Y. RenukeGroup D
3VeerabhadraiahPujarField Assistant
4Mahadevi. G. HumberiField labour
5Basappa.S. JamanalField labour

B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.) courses

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1CPH 101Fundamentals of Crop Physiology in Agriculture2+1
2CPH 301Applied Plant Physiology and Crop Modelling1+1
3CPH 302Fundamentals of Nanotechnology in Agriculture1+0

B.Sc. Agriculture Business Management (Hons.) courses

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1CPH 201  Post harvest physiology and market produce1+0

B.Sc. Community Science (Hons.) courses

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits

B.Tech. Food Technology (Hons.) courses

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1CPH 102Post harvest physiology1+0
  • Sc (Crop Physiology) Courses offered
Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
1PP 501Principles of  Plant  Physiology 1- Plant Water  Relations  and  Mineral  Nutrition2+1
2PP 502Principles of Plant  Physiology 2- Metabolic Processes and Growth Regulation2+1
3PP 503Plant developmental biology:Physiological and molecular basis2+1
4PP 504Physiological and Molecular Responses of plants to  Abiotic  Stresses2+1
5PP 505Hormonal Regulation of Plant Growth and  Development2+1
6PP 508Physiology of Field Crops2+0
7PP 510Seed physiology2+1
8PP 507Photosynthetic processes, crop growth and productivity and concepts of crop modelling2+1
9PP 506Physiological and molecular mechanisms of mineral nutrient acquisition and their functions2+1
10PP512Crop growth regulation and management2+0

Ph.D  (Plant Physiology ) courses offered

Sl. No.Course No.Course TitleCredits
 PP601Functional genomics and genes associated with a few physiological processes2+0
 PP602Signal Perceptions and Transduction and Regulation of Physiological Processes2+0
 PP605Experimental Techniques to Characterize Plant Processes for Crop Improvement0+2
 PP606Global Climate change and Crop Response2+0
 PP607Physiological and molecular aspects of source-sink capacity for enhancing yield3+0
 PP608Seed and fruit growth and their quality improvement  2+0
 PP609Weed biology and physiology of herbicide action2+0

Ongoing Externally funded ad hoc Projects:

Sl NoName of Adhoc ProjectDurationFunding agencyProject OutlayObjectives of ProjectExpected Outcome
1Lime Induced Iron Chlorosis tolerance in F5 Groundnut Genotype and their Molecular aspects3 yearsRKVY53.00 lakhsTo identify the Groundnut genotype which is tolerant to lime induced Iron ChlorosisOn going

Major Projects completed (Last five years):

Sl NoName of Adhoc ProjectPI/AssociateDurationFunding agencyProject Outlay
 Methodology for prediction of regional level cotton yield by GIS and Remote sensing and crop modelsDr. B C Patil2001-2006CIACR-ICAR, New Delhi11.30 lakh
 Micronutrient based technology for control of rust disease in soybeanDr. R V Koti2003-2004Governament of Karnataka1.25 lakh
 Invitro cell line selection for salt tolerance and protoplast studies in cottonDr. B S Janagoudar2003-2004NATP(CGP) ICAR, New Delhi18.40 lakh

Technologies Developed:(Last Five Years)

Sl. No.TechnologyName of the Scientist
1Vacuum packaging for long term storage of chilliDr. C.M Nawalagatti
2Use of magnesite in groundnutDr. K.N Pawar
3Use of bio-herbicides for control of Chromolaena odorataDr. K.N Pawar
4Chemical weed control in garlic and onion: Butachlor@1.5 kg/haDr. K.N Pawar
5Use of pulse magic in soybean (1%/litre of water)Dr. C.M Nawalagatti
6Melia dubia based agroforestry systemDr. H.Y Patil
7Use of chickpea magic(0.8%/litre of water)Dr. C.M Nawalagatti

Awards/Recognitions of the students attended Seminar/Conference

Sl. No.NameAwardYear
1KarthikaBest poster presentation award in 1st PG conference2016
2AkshayaBest poster presentation award in 1st PG conference2018
3Venkatesh DoreRajiv Gandhi National Fellowship2015
4Kiran B ORajiv Gandhi National Fellowship2015
5Navyashree RBest Research Scholar Award2023
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